Wellness coaching for the best version of yourself


Do you feel stuck, run down and unhappy? I could be the help you need to start a positive change.
I support busy and burnt out professionals achieve their goals, make them feel great, be more successful and be more confident.
I will be your guide and inspiration to shift to healthier habits by making step by step changes in mindset, nutrition and lifestyle.
Balance your relationship with food, working towards a better digestion, loosing weight, gaining energy and managing stress daily are only some of the principals that shape wellness. Working holistically I will help you through all the different components of lifestyle to achieve your wellness.
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I offer a 6 week to 6 months program, or single sessions as an alternative. 
Option 1.   60 minute session $150
Option 2.   6 weeks (6 sessions)  $850
Option 3.   6 Months (12 sessions) $1,650
What is Included in the program?
- Weekly 60 minute appointments each for 6 weeks, 
or two sessions each month for 6 months (SKYPE available), which will include discussion of the client's progress, recommendations, and full set of notes.
- A variety of handouts, recipes, books, food samples, and other material.
- Email support between sessions
- Monthly special events, like cooking classes, a health food store tour and group discussions related to health and wellness.
- An invitation to bring special guests to the events.
Why i recomend 6 Months?
​Studies show that six months is the amount of time needed to create multiple long-term habits. Supporting you for 6 months around better food habits, exercise, and lifestyle choices increases the probability that these will continue lifelong  after the completion of the program.
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